Sha-Amun-en-su - Topia Contest

This is the project I did for the Topia My art was the winner of the contest, an event that happens in Curitiba Brazil, the theme was to redo something of the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, which unfortunately caught fire and destroyed the entire collection of the museum :( . So I decided to model Mummy Sha-Amun-en-su, which was one of the rare pieces she had at the Museum, Sha-Amun-en-su was an Egyptian priestess and singer who lived in Thebes during the first half of the 8th century BC.

I did par with my sister Gislaine Avila, she did an illustration of the Sha-Amun-in-her singing in the temple.
The link has the art she made for the contest

Rodrigo avila sha amun5
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Rodrigo avila sha amun11
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Rodrigo avila sha amun view
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